Tuesday, June 28, 2011

You know you are a Triathlete when...

As I get more and more into my Ironman training and racing, I realise how different a breed we are from the general public.  I mean, why the hell would anyone get up at 5am for a 10KM run when it is raining outside and the bed feels so good?...Yeah, that was me this morning! But you know what? It felt great to get out of the shower afterwards with a feeling of accomplishment and, more importantly, knowing that no matter what the day threw at me I had my training for the day done.
I have been doing a lot of reading on blogs, magazines and websites (as you do) and with every site or article I read I realise how different I, and my fellow triathletes, are from our old selves.  To prove my point, I have started a list I am hoping you all can keep going with al your points on our "breed".  
Look at the listed points and add yours under them. Do come back every so often to see what my fellow readers also come up with.

You know you are a triathlete when:

  1. You answer 35-39 when asked how old you are.
  2. You think an Ironman is easier than a Marathon because you dont have to start by running fast.
  3. You think it is normal to pee on your bike and on your wetsuit.
  4. ....
  5. ....


  1. Some comments from friends on other Triathlon communities:

    Amphibious Triton posted 5 hours ago.
    60% of your nutrition is individually packaged.

    rachapkis posted 1 hour ago. You know what a fartlek is and you no longer giggle when you hear the term.

    Evan Stray commented on the blog post 'You know you are a triathlete when....'

    10. When walking the streets everyone seems to have a lettter on their leg that forces you to speed up, pass them then look back with a smirk

    11. You convince yourself you look hot in lycra no matter your age, weight or body shape!

    Rick Baldwin commented on the blog post 'You know you are a triathlete when....'
    6. You buy a DVR and eight months later, the only recordings are of Ironman races.

    7. Your farts smell like concentrated Perpetuem.
    8. You name your dog after a triathlon race.

    9. Your dog enjoys watching Ironman race reruns with you on the DVR you…

    Mike Wolfgram commented on the blog post 'You know you are a triathlete when....'

    ....you have 7 water bottles on your bike for a 20 mile ride.

  2. Thse are comments on my www.tritalk.co.uk Forum:

    ...you consider work as 'active recovery'

    ...you know more about lactate and supplements than a chemist

    ...your bike costs more than your car

    ...95% of your t-shirts have a race related logo

    ...at 7 in the morning you've done a training session and are then trawling a tri website whilst watching tri on Sky+ (I need a life!)