Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day before Hever Castle Triathlon

Today is tuesday and yesterday was my last training session in the pool and I easily got distracted.  I did about 40 minutes but I lost count of the distance as I was lucky enough to have three lovely girls cheering me on at the pool!....Sonia, Sofia and Alexia were up on the stairs cheering me on and constantly asking "how much longer, how much longer?" I figured I needed to fit in a good swim session before tomorrow night's Hever Castle Night Triathlon.   The wetsuit had been in storage since..well... since the last Hever Castle Triathlon in September and I quickly tried it on again over the weekend to make sure all was well and ready for the race.

Today I decided to not do anything as  I am really feeling like crap from this sore throat I have been dragging.  I was in pain the whole day at work and could not wait for Sonia's soup at dinner time.  For tomorrow's race I am just hoping to be able to come out on the top 50% of my age grou as these fight racers are usually pretty hard core and ft individuals. I will report tomorrow after the race and hopefully it will not be a bad one.

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