Wednesday, June 15, 2011

15Km of Running

It had been some time since I went for a 15Km run but it still felt pretty good. Thats twice in a row that I have been able to shave time off this particular distance and it feels great to see my times improving.  I am still looking for a flat 15km course as this one is quite hilly as you can see from the detailed Garmin feed (cick View Details).  Hopefully, if I am able to find one nearby, I can beat th 5min/Km pace which seems quite hard on this course if you look at the elevation gain below:

Elevation Gain: 521 m
Elevation Loss: 521 m
Min Elevation: -298 m
Max Elevation: 106 m

I am currently in Luanda, Angola, and doubt it very much I will be able to fit in anything other than the odd 5Km.  If I do, it will be interesting to see how I survive under this heat and humidity.


  1. Para el desnivel no está mal la cosa ni los ritmos, las tiradas largas se agradecen mucho. A ver si en Angola se da el chance y puedes gastar zapatilla.


  2. Que va tio, voy de culo con el trabajo aqui. Quizás el lunes o martes cuando se termine mi foro en Angola.

    Saludos desde Luanda