Friday, June 24, 2011

2XU Compression Calf Guards Review - Father's Day Gift

It feels great to be back in London next to my wife and daughters.  These trips, although necessary, can be a real pain, but I must admit the best thing about them are the hugs I get from my daughters when they see me upon my return, and this time they came with a nice father's day present. 

As we get back from picking up the girls from school I see Sonia handing them something in a box with WIGGLE on it! Hmm... it was either something for Sonia or for me, I thought. Anyway, WE get in the house and the girls hand me this box and they both start shouting HAPPY FATHER'S DAY.

I opened the box and it was a set of the 2XU Compression Calf Guard w/ Stirrup.  I was really surprised as I was not expecting anything really.  I tried them on right away (the wrong way) and they felt great. After I looked at the box I realised I had them on the wrong way and immediately changed them.  I was eager to go out and try them on so this morning after we dropped the girls off at school I went for a quick 30 minute swim and then took Sonia for a 10Km run to help her get a quicker pace than her usual 5:37min/Km.  On trying them on this is my overview:

- Fit: They fit great around my calve.  The pressure is on the back of the leg and it really keeps the muscle from wobbling while one is running.
- Comfort: great comfort and not too tight either, just right.
- Stirrup feels a bit like it is going to slip from under your foot, but once you put your sock  and/or shoe on it actually holds on quite well.
- Snags: If any, I would say the angle of the bottom strap which holds on to the bottom of your foot is a bit too small.  I thin it actually holds on tighter to the foot if it is worn with the large X facing the front, but thats just me.
- Price: Varies from £25 to £31 depending on where you look. My wife bought mine with our account since we always get a minimum discount for being return costumers.  Other retailers are the usual suspects like Amazon and Chain Reaction Cycles. I suggest creating an account on Wiggle if, like me, are an addict to gadgets and Tri gear.

They come in three colours but I actually like the black one better than the white or tan one.  I am looking at buying the new Fusion triathlon suite in white and I think it would go well with this.


  1. I just happened upon your blog from the site. I've only read a couple posts, looks good. I just completed my first Ironman last November (IM Arizona) and it was a great experience. Do you have a particular IM race in sight? Good luck with your training!


  2. Hey Jamie,

    Congrats on finishing IM AZ. It must have been an amazing feeling, I bet! I started tri'ing last year and did a few sprints here in the UK. This year I am moving up to Olympic distance and I am doing my first half IM distance in MAy 2012, in Barcelona. I am planning on doing my first IM distance in Barcelona as well, in October next year, but I might bring the date forward a bit if I find an IM franchise event in Europe... and if I feel I am fit enough by then. Will check out your blog and follow you.

    What is your next IM? Lets keep in touch and good luck with everything.