Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekly Trianing Report June 27th 2011

Last week while in Angola I upgraded my account to PRO, and I now have the added benefit of getting my weekly training reports sent to me with these details stats on distances, times, calories burnt, and next to the green triangle you can see the difference between this week's workouts and last weeks results.  I improved on all but that's because the previous week I barely did anything due to my travelling and lack of time, but, as I said on my last post, I am hoping to soon get int to the 5+ hours/week of training, but this weeks was obviously not the first one. Maybe next week.

This weekend was a great weekend and actually quite busy as well.  Saturday AM  I went for an early swim at the local gym and then I joined with a platinum (or whatever they call it) membership. More on this later!  I then took the girls to their tennis lessons and afterwards we went home for the girls to change to go to Drama lessons.  While Sofia was at Drama we went over to the open day event at their school where we could see all their work and paintings throughout the year.  Time passes by so quickly...
After we picked Sofia up from drama we had a quick lunch at McDs and then we were off to the Circus.  It was great fun as it was the first time our girls had been to a Circus.  Afterwards we met up with some good Spanish friends for a late snack at a great pub where the girls had lots of place to run with the other kids.

As I mentioned earlier, this past friday I decided to join the local gym only to be told the pool was going to be closed until September for refurbishment! I was not impressed but the young girls at reception immediately gave me swimming options for me to go for free while my local pool was Kaputz! This would have been a great solution had it not been for me finding out about a swimming center next to my office in Covent Garden, London.  I went to Oasis this morning and enquired about swimming there on a daily and weekly basis and it actually works our cheaper if I swim there than at the one closer to home.  Personally, I would rather get out of the house as early as possible so I can get all my workouts done early and then at night when I get back home it is to spend all my time with my three ladies.

Today was a great example: Out of the house at 6am, in the pool at 7am and in the office at 8am. By the time the rest of my team got there I was already done with my daily exercise and when I got home I was able to dedicate some time to my daughters and beautiful and lovely wife.  Tomorrow I will aim at getting up early to go for a 10Km run so that I can get on the 6:30 bus to the station... so that means I better get a quick running time otherwise I will be left behind.

Im getting busy with the 70.3 training plan so let's see how I adapt and react to it.  This Sunday STEELMAN triathlon. This is my first move up the distance ladder and it feels quite good to be honest.  A fe more days of training and Sunday I should be ready.

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