Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tonbridge Triathlon Race Report

Today was a great day for racing. The sun was out and not a drop of rain during the race. I couldn't believe it when I got up at 5 and opened the window to look outside.

I had prepared my bag the night before and, just in case, I was taking my rain jacket for the bike in order to avoid what happened to me at the Turbo Thames last month.  I got to Tonbridge school at 6:30 and since the start was from 7am-11am, there weren't many bike on the racks at that time.  The standard distance athletes started early and the sprint distance would start after us.
She is racked up and ready to go
This was exactly double the distance as last year's race meaning it was an 800m pool swim, a hilly 50Km bike ride, and a flat 10Km run.

I got to the pool and the swim was ok'ish, but still slow for where I would like to be. We were 3 per lane and my swim time was 16m:31s.

T1 was long because we had to get out of the swimming center, go to the other side of the sports center and find our bike in transition. Not opnly that, but I also had to put on my bike jacket as it was cold and Im not about to get sick two weeks before the half ironman in Barcelona. T1 as 3m:35s

I still remember the bike course from the previous year and I know it was going to be challenging. As soon as we get out of the school grounds, there was a short 2Km of flat surface and then it just hit us! See the graph of the bike course below:

2012 Tonbridge Triathlon Olympic course elevation profile

To be honest I actually did feel pretty good throughout the whole course and was only passed by three guys who looked like they were on the turbo trainers! Very strong cyclists. There were a few climbs were I could see people struggling and I actually felt quite proud of just going by them.  I can definitely feel I am in much better form than last year, but still far from where I'd like to be as I can see some guys with bike splits 15 minutes faster than me. My time for the 50Km bike split was 1h:47m:54s.

T2 was a bit faster that T1, but still not in the top 10 overall. T1 was 1m:30s.

The run was nice and flat around the school grounds and it was great to have a few people to chase.  I'm the type of guy who feeds off of people in front of me so having people on the course was great.  I must have passed about 30 people from different age groups, and I was only passed by two guys.  Total time for the run was 38m:07s at 4m:20s/Km pace.

I came out 10th in my age group and I can say I think it was a good race.  On a negative point, I lost my salt stick.  I took it of the bicycle to take one about 15 minutes before the run and I cold not put it back on the holder so I stuck it in my back pocket and, needless to say, when I went to check if it was there after the race it was nowhere to be found.  

 I was trying to take a photo with the reverse camera on the iPhone. 
Positives from the race
  • I was able to swim 800m with little/no rest
  • Felt really good on the hills. I feel Im a better cyclist that this time last year (9th in age group)
  • Run pace was good at 4m:20/Km (6th in age group)
Negatives from the race
  • Slow swim. Not in top 10
  • Slow T1, although it was a long transition and far from the swim, there were guys on 40s
  • Got passed by three guys on the bike. Im not doing my E118 any justice!!!
  • Lost salt stick on the bike course
Now I gotta taper (or not?) for my half ironman distance race in Barcelona in 15 days.  I just want to stay healthy and injury free at this point, but I would love to get my weight down to 75kgs by race day. That's 2Kgs in 15 days!... I should be ok.

Are Group position: 10th
Overall Position: 21st
Swim: 16m:31s
T1: 3m:35s
Bike: 1h:47m:55s
T2 - 1m:30s
Run - 38m:07s
Total: 2h:47m:32s


  1. Muy bien makina!!!! Sigue asi!!!

  2. great race bud!! That run is lightning at well under 7 min. pace awesome running!!!