Sunday, April 22, 2012

Brik Sunday

Today was a good day. I woke up at  6:30 and at 7:30 I was out of the door. The plan was to go to Box Hill and do a few rounds of it to strengthen the legs and get them used to hard climbs.  There was no traffic and it was a beautiful morning, very sunny and un British I must say, specially given the last few weeks of rain we have had.

At 8:00 I was at the top of the B2032 completely out of breath! That hill is a KILLER with over 120m incline in less than 2Km.  Here is the GArmin feed. Click the image for full details.

Here is the detail of the climbs:

When I got home I got the best welcoming anyone can get: 

As I got home my wife and girls were off to the park and I made a deal with my wife that they would go ahead of me and I would run to the park to meet them so I could get my brik workout done.   

I have a stiff neck and shoulders from being on the aero position on two continuous long rides so I need to a) stretch my neck much more and b) strengthen my shoulder muscles at the gym with some core exercises (plank).  This week I'll stretch much more and, hopefully, in the future the neck will feel better.


  1. Tremendous run off of the bike. Good work...and your bike is just awesome.

  2. Miguel,

    Thanks for the post on my site, glad to see that we fellow triathletes think the same. I actually live in Pennsylvania (about an hour from New York City), so the weather isn't nearly as beautiful as Arizona, but still not as rainy as the UK I suppose. Regarding the job I posted for in the UK, I just heard that they would like to interview me for the position (I am going to go after this hard!!!). I may be reaching out to you in the next few weeks/months. Cheers!