Saturday, April 7, 2012

Wish List - Triathlon Gadgets & Stuff

Well, here is yet another post about triathlon gadgets. This time It is about a few items I do not have (yet) but I am looking to get sometime this season.  Here we go:

Garmin Forerunner 910XT
The perfect watch for the Triathlete.
My 310XT is acting up after 2 years,
so I may give it to my wife and
get me this one by the summer.
Full review here

BikeBoxAllan - Box Case
With the E118 I cannot afford to take
it on the soft case I have. I need this
box to protect the E118 on my
travellings. Full review here.

Garmin Edge 800
The best bike GPS computer! Not
much left to say. Full review here.

Argon18 - Gallium Pro 2012

My E118 is not allowed on some
 races, and I also need a road bike
 to train. This bike is my dream  road
 bike, and its an Argon 18!
What else can I say?
Zipp Sub 9 Disc Wheel
A disk for my E118 is a must, specially
for the 70.3 and full IM distances.
No other disc is better than the Sub 9.

Now, I will come back to update this page if/when I buy any of these! Gotta save up BIG TIME!


  1. Always nice to have a wish list, but you've got a pretty penny to find my friend!!

  2. Excelente "wish list" :-)
    Llevo varias semanas mirando "bike boxs" pero estaba indecisa, ahora sé cual compraré! gracias por compartir el video!
    El garmin 910xt es un gadget imprescindible para cualquier triatleta :-)

    1. Hola Tania. He echo mucha recerca qui en Londres y recientemente han publicado una comparación entre bike boxes. Mira este link para ver todas las cases del mercado testadas: