Sunday, April 15, 2012

My @Argon18 E118

This view is precious....

The background is not bad either! View from the top Box Hill, Surrey.


  1. great bike just bought one --- any probs with the aero bars -- I am just putting mine together and the aero bars seem quite long, how do you like the speed fil and why not the aero bar speed fil? thanks for any thoughts

    1. Hey "Anonymous" :)

      I LOVE MY E118 :)

      The aerobars are very long and you will have to cut them. I took about 4 cms off mine and I still need to cut 1cm more so the Di2 switches sit right on my thumbs. They move a bit horizontally but Argon18 is coming out with a Garmin GPS holder which will resolve the problem. The Speedfil is great. I have only done sprints and Olympic races and I get nowhere near finished with all the drink it holds and Im sure I'll be fine for half and full ironman distance. I went for the standard Speedfil instead of the aerobar mounted one because it carries more drink.