Wednesday, April 18, 2012

23Km @ 5:00/Km - Shin Splints

Today I should have ran at 5am but it was pouring at that time. Needless to say, I got back in bed! Since I worked from home today I was locked in my office fighting off my daughters as they kept coming in the office wanting to play with me. I feel bad pushing them away, but they assume since I am home I do not have to work...doesn't quite work like that.

I had a heavy (but lovely) Spanish lunch my beautiful wife cooked up, and afterwards I dedicated 10 minutes to my daughters and allowed them to practice their face painting skills on me.  No photos of this, but let's just say that Dennis Rodman looked like a model next to me with my painting. 

By 6pm no clients were answering the phone so I decided to go for a run since it had stopped raining. Below is the 23Km route I usually do:

I had a bit of pain on my left shin and it slowed me down a bit on the second half of the run. I will be off my legs for a few days...but I gotta keep it up. Calella is less than two months away.

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