Friday, July 15, 2011

Oakley Fast Jacket & Race Course

We got to Spain on Wednesday morning and the first thing I did was take the bike to the local shop to get it tuned up for the race.  Checked out some of the gear they have (as you do) and compared the prices with London prices to see if there were any bargains to take advantage of.  Nothing to spend money on.. I dont know if that's good or bad.  The following day, Thursday, I went to pick it up and rode it to my in-laws which is where we are staying.

Today I went for a nice early swim and did around 2000m in 1 hour, not ideal, I know, but to be fair I didn't really count the laps, I just kept my head down (literally), and finished my hour as per my schedule. I then went to meet some old friends who live here in Barcelona and, before I headed home, I went to a local sunglass store  which gives us up to 40% discount on all sunglasses and got me my OAKLEY FAST JACKETS for €160.50. Great deal, dont you think?

No photos of me with them yet, tomorrow I should have some :)

Tomorrow I have to go to the race venue to pick up my race number, backpack and other items.  It will be a great opportunity to get a feel for the environment around the venue, which promises to be great with a variety of different stands with great goodies to buy! I better leave the girls at home....

Below is the race course for the swim, bike and run on Sunday.  

750m from the Barcelona beach to the Olympic port to T1 (Boxes)
Two 10Km laps around the course. Lovely Bogatell beach bike course
5Km course down Bogatell beach as well

Tomorrow I hope to post some photos of the event venue and any other gadgets or goodies I end up getting from the event.


  1. Sounds like an amazing race course!! And the Oakley's look great!

  2. Nice Oakleys. Good luck racing!