Thursday, July 28, 2011

London Triathlon Motivation Videos

Browsing my typical triathlon sites and forums I came across these videos which I just had to share! 

Stan stays focused and motivated while on his bike.  Know no limits!

See Stan dive in head first to his swim training from the comfort of his own kitchen.

Stan gets all sugared up and caffeine crazy in the name of research.

lipping out of a wetsuit when you're up against the clock isn't an easy business. So when's best to shed the suit? Stan takes on the challenge to reveal the sporting truth.

I'm not sure I'm quite keen on following his training style but hey...whatever works for you! Good to you all at the London Triathlon or any other races you may be doing soon.


  1. Ok man!!!! Juasssss!!! Todos los metodos valen para llegar a la meta!!! Animo makina.
    Claro , mi media esta baja no uso tus metodos de motivacion!!!

  2. I had to share a few of these on facebook, funny stuff and the first time I had seen them, a friend commented that that dog bowl he has his head in is probably cleaner than the Thames haha!

  3. @yaagTRI - hahahahah.. I know! I am actually a bit scared to dive there on Sunday. Although they say that particular dock is swimming approved, they dont show us the environmental certificate to they! :)

  4. Those are hilarious. You never see ads like those in the US.