Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Argon 18 E118

I went to pick up my E118 yesterday and spent some time at the shop fitting it.  Here are some photos of the beauty. 

The front bars are still too long. Gotta shorten them

Those 808 Zipp look lovely on the E118

Prologo Evo Tri 40 saddle

Front Look

Di2 Battery nicely tucked away
Shimano components all the way
Front cable wiring 
Di2 Shifters ont he brake lever
Di2 cabling

There are two things I want to look at though. First, the length of the extension bars is still too long so I need to find out from Argon 18 if I can cut the bar a bit more from the front end so the Di2 shifters sit right on my hand. Se below:

The second one is the height of the pads! The guys at the shop fitted all the spacers so that my aero position would be flat, with my upper arm perpendicular to the floor. See below: 
Im not sure about all those spacers on the aero bar. I might remove a few.

I will give it a few weeks and then I'll take a view on keeping it or getting it refitted. 

Now, I gotta think of a name for it. Any suggestions?


  1. IronMike...Just call it; The IronBlack or BlackIrnonHorse..

    Just a dream, no words.

  2. Impresionante Miguel!!!!!!! me quedo sin palabras!! eso sí es una cabra!!!!!!!!
    Disfrútala mucho!!!!!
    Sobre el nombre...pues...ufff...el que le pongas le quedará pequeño :-)

  3. Estoy con Tania ... IMPRESIONANTE!! Pedazo de maquinon te has pillado.
    Por cierto, no se si lo has visto y si te va bien, pero este año si te apuntas al Tri de la Vila, por 1€ te puedes apuntar al Tri de Andorra (que es nuevo)
    Yo ya me he apuntado a los 2, el de Andorra modalidad Olímpica.
    Un abrazo y kilómetros para esa belleza!!

  4. luverly!!! you get the electronic gears!!! yep, those aero pads look a little low to me. i'd expect them to be at about the height of the rise of the aerobars. congrats!!

  5. Hi Miguel, you can cut your extensions on the shifter side without problem. Since it's a little bit thinner in that area, make sure to let the saw work and not put too much pressure on it or it could crack. Hit me at info (at) with your name in the subject if you need more information. I'll be happy to answer all your questions.

    Antoine Ducharme

  6. Miguel, beautiful bike, totally bad ass. I am totally jealous. I definitely want to read how much faster you are on that bike. Happy training!

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  8. Hola Miguel ¿puedo contactarte de alguna forma?


  9. Hi Miguel. I saw you blog as I was looking for a bike same as mine. I have the same wheelset too, zipp808's firecrests. but the mechanic at the shop said they cannot install my firecrests on the e-118. did you do anything special on the brakes to allow the wheels to come in? would really appreciate your help. i dont have wordpress, if you can send me a note at thanks!