Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ballbuster - March 2012

The Ballbuster duathlon takes place twice a year in Box Hill, Surrey, and it is widely regarded as the toughest duathlon in the UK. I, literally, busted my balls in November 2010 and I STILL did not finish it. I want to think that was due t the fact that I had just recently started training and was really not up to speed with what this race required from the body.
Looking at several forums and talking to people, my goal (apart from just finishing it) is to cross the line under 3h:45m with 1:10, 1:25, 1:10 splits.  I'm not really sure how I'll cope as, to be honest, with all the travelling I have done these past weeks my training has gone down a bit...well, a lot! 
On a negative point, I will be racing by myself as my wife and daughters will be at home this time around so I look forward to your comments as support! :) On a positive note, no matter what my result is this time around, I will take this saturday's race as a LONGGGG brick session towards my half ironman in Barcelona. Stay posted for some photos and my race report...and figers crossed for me to at least to finish the race.  
Here are some photos from my 2010 (failed) participation:
Starting line of the November 2010 race

Look at that fat ass! 

This was about 30 seconds before I quit! My knee was killing me :(

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