Sunday, May 29, 2011

I survived the hills!

Ok, I know this might not be much to many of the people I go against on the triathlons, but this was the longest and hilliest bike course I have been on.

I got up at 5am to meet my neighbour for a 5:30 ride out to one of his routes, which I had no details about.  Once we met he mentioned we would be going to 2 hills and potentially another one depending on my response.  What he didn't tell was that most of the course on our way to the hills was also going to be hilly as you can clearly see below:
My tongue was out my mouth before we even got to the hills but I just had to keep pushing if I wanted to get home with any kind of self esteem of having at least given it a good try.  Once we go to the first hill Jezza mentions it was going to be a a 1.5 mile uphill ride! I about died, but I made it up in one piece. The second hill was worse as it was longer and steeper, but with a couple of stops I was able to make it up.

All in all, I think I didn't do as bad I I was expecting to do and the scenery was great with some awesome views of the border of Surrey and Kent.  I also learned a new route which I can do (without the hills) and get some good mileage on the legs.  I can handle the hills there and back, just not the two specific hills he took me to off the main road.

I will try and go for a light jog at the end of the day.... children permitting, of course!

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