Monday, May 23, 2011

Back in the UK - New Toys from Wiggle!

Garmin GSC10 Sensor
Just landed back in London and got the best welcoming anyone could get.  Both my daughters came out to the backyard running into my hugs.  Nothing beats that!

After all the unpacking and playing with my girls Sonia tells me my wiggle order had arrived.  This was my Garmin CSC10 cadence sensor and my Quick   Release Mounting Kit.   I spent about two hours on both of them, mostly on the cadence sensor.  I spent some time online looking for some forums on issues I was having as the lights on the sensor were not flashing nor was the watch showing any info on cadence details.

Apparently you need to pay close attention to the sensors and the magnets.  My issue was that the magnets were a bit further apart and that was causing the lights to not flash.  Also, I needed to synch the forerunner 310xt and change exercise mode to Bike1.  Cadence sensor working and quick release kit hooked on the handle bar, I was ready to give it a go.  I tried both the Bike1 and Multisport function and the cadence readings were on the spot.  Now I obviously have try on the road with a proper ride, but thats for another blog post.   

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  1. Hi,
    First, thanks for hsaring || This blog is great.
    Second, I need your help because I just bought a Garmin GSC for my brand new E-118 but I have a issue. The snesor slides on the chainstay because it's not totally squar to the wheels. So at the end the Garmin sensor touches the crank sensor.... Did you have the same issue? It could be great if you can post or send me by email a picture of your installation. My email is
    Thanks a lot in advance.
    Thomas Clement. Montreal, Canada