Saturday, September 15, 2012

Summer Update

Wow, where to start? It's been nearly three months since I have last updated my blog, but between the birth of our baby boy and our move out of the UK and into Cape Town, South Africa, I'm sure you can understand my lack of time to write on the blog.

In summary, we are all well, training has suffered a but, but not much, we have moved to Cape Town and are now settling well, and my wife and kids love it here.  Here are some random photos from the summer in Barcelona, and I wil make an effort to keep the blog more up to date with news of my training and racing.

New bike. 2012 Argon 18 Gallium Pro.

Triatlon de la Vila de Barcelona - July 2012

New SRM Power Meter on the E118. 

Bike Porn

Angelo is a little angel!

My princess!

My treasures... my reason for living

Goodies from the US. My sister brought them for us!


  1. congrats Miguel, impressive you get this all done on top of being a dad, respect!