Friday, June 8, 2012

Goodbye London - Hello Cape Town

That's it, my last few hours in London! It's been 6 years and a lot has happened, but now it's time to move to Cape Town and hopefully make the business grow. 

My wife and daughters are very excited and that makes me feel much better about the whole move, now we just need to get there, settle in and make the most of it. Since my last minute decision last week to come to London to finish packing and get the house ready for the tenants, I have been surrounded by boxes and more boxes of our stuff, 27 in total, and today I am finally done with everything.

Luggage ready for the trip to Barcelona
Tomorrow the truck is coming to pick up the boxes to ship them to Cape Town, and in the afternoon I'm catching a flight to Barcelona, which is where Sonia and the girls are. Sonia is expecting our third child (a boy) anytime now so I can't wait to get to Barcelona and be next to her these last few days, but more relaxed now that the house is done.

We will be in Miami Playa (Tarragona) for the summer, and in September the 5 of us will move to Cape Town to start our new life.

This week there was no training as I needed every single minute (literally) to get all the boxing done, and finish the last errands before the move.  I did, however, register for Ironman South Africa in 2013, and will do the same for Austria as soon as registration opens in July.  Saturday morning I will restart my training with the new goal of going sub 5h at my next HIM in October, The Midlands Ultra, Africa's fastest HIM race apparently.

For now, I will leave you guys with a few videos of Cape Town. Enjoy!

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  1. Miguel!!! espero que os vaya de lujo!! y con esos videos de CapeTown se me han puesto los dientes largos :-) ahora a entrenar a tope para el IM!
    fuerte abrazo,