Sunday, January 15, 2012

Training in Luanda - Flu Hangoverrrrr......

Oh, the feeling of not being able to lift your legs or carry your body through the next few steps! Crap...that's what I was feeling tonight as I dragged myself out of my sister's apartment to go and do 10Km.

I've been sick since the 1st of February, the day after the Sant Cugat race in Spain, and here I am 15 days later trying to kick this fricking bug off my body with some sweat in this African heat.  Thi sis not the best way to start off the year's training, specially with the duathlon coming up in 2 weeks back in London.  I am SO NOT READY, but I suppose I can always use the Duathlon as a tough practice session.

Im not going to say much  more as Im dead tired and need to rest for tomorrow's meetings, but here is tonight's info, and below last week's info as I also tried to do a set of 10Km, although I felt much better today.

And this is last week's activity:

No, I did not run on the water. They have done some construction on the bay and they have extended the side-walk to where there used to be water, therefore the "optical lilusion". I'll try to get 10Km under my belt again tomorrow.

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  1. Take it easy Miguel!!! Don't give up!!! Despues de la tormenta cañaaaaaa!!!!! Entrena a tope quando puedas!!