Sunday, August 7, 2011

Great Sunday Ride - 72Kms

Great ride today. I took the day off yesterday as I was not feeling too well and really just wanted to stay home and do a bit of washing up and cleaning.  Today I had two options, I could do the fartlek run (today's workout) or do the long 2h:45m ride (yesterday's workout).  I decided to do the long ride early, and hopefully I will be able to do the fartlek run later on today.  Now it's time for a nice bowl of pasta for lunch!


  1. Una pena que ya no estes por aqui...estamos haciendo rutas en bici impresionantes! y este sabado otra 100-110 km con 1500 desnivel! De todas maneras buen entreno!

  2. Vaya, me encantaria poder ir con vosotros. Este finde bajo a Miami Playa pero sin bici. Seguro que me haré unos Miami-Cambrils coriendo pero esta vez la bici se queda en Londres. Un abrazo.