Saturday, May 12, 2012

Kona Ironman Videos - Motivational Videos

There have been quite a lot of posts about Ironman motivational videos and Kona's world championship videos on the various tri forums I follow, so I decided to put together a post about the videos I have on my computer and Iphone which I use on the turbo trainer, and some other ones which are just inspiring and motivational.  All the videos you need in one spot...indulge yourselves! This is Turbo Trainer Heaven!

Full Ford Ironman Championship Videos
2012 Kona Ironman
2011 Kona Ironman
2010 Kona Ironman
2009 Kona Ironman
2008 Kona Ironman
2007 Kona Ironman
2006 Kona Ironman
2005 Kona Ironman
2004 Kona Ironman
1995 Kona Ironman
1992 Kona Ironman
1989 Ironwar
Dave Scott v. Mark Allen

My top motivational Ironman videos:
Till I Collpse
Essence of Ironman
Ironman Inspiration
Ironman - You Will do This

Aussies Abroad
Chris McCormack

Aussies Abroad
2011 Kona Special

Aussies Abroad
Crowie Special

Ironman Brazil 2007
in Portuguese

Brownie28's Favourite

Epic Ironman Videos
Ironman - The Crawl
Ironman, Julie Moss
Paula Newby Fraser
Hitting the Wall

Lovely Rides
45 Mins
Fiesta Island
54 Mins
Klausen and Pragel

Which of these is your favourite? Do you watch it on the trainer or while relaxing on the couch on your latop/iPad? Any other videos you would recommend me to post here?


  1. Love that you posted these. I will be watching them while on my trainer tomorrow!!!

  2. we really love that online videos,which were given by you.

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